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Orange Residency, Pollachi_ Introduction and Goal of the project

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  • Orange Residency, Pollachi_ Introduction and Goal of the project

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  • Orange Residency, Pollachi: Why this location..?

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Is it Safe?

I came across this Pollachi community and the plots look like a great investment opportunity. Affordable too. You should check them out.

Yes. Investing in stocks is risky, look at the market. Investing in land is the most trusted investment and the best route for newer investors. You can easily check the location, the permits and see visible progress already and decide for yourself.

Is it Legal?

Yes. We’ve obtained both the DTCP and HACA Approvals. That means your investment is safe and resale is easy and protected. We’ve handled the biggest reason you had to fear plot investments in Tamil nadu, India.

Is it Affordable?

Yes. We want a hard working family to be able to invest and grow with us. With plot investments from INR 6.3 lakh onwards.. You’ll want to get in now to gain the most appreciation.

Is it Available?

Yes. We’ve already booked 35% of the community’s 154 Plots. There are still plenty of prime locations left to choose from. The builders have a deep marketing background, so this community will pull in home buyers quickly.

Is it Ready?

Yes. The sites are build ready right now with Electricity, 40ft wide road, Drainage, Easy water. For those who are ready to act quickly, we make immediate registration.

Is it Easy?

Yes. We’ve used our knowledge to streamline the buying process so you have less to worry about from overseas or out of town.. The first time buyer is safe with us. You can start the process to own your plot in just 1 day.

Is it Valuable?

Very. The value comes from prime Pollachi location combined with the Developer’s strategy to increase your ROI. Your land has a climate like Hawaii with surrounding mountain views and a short drive to the comforts and convenience of the city. To all that we’ve added our marketing strategies to support rapid purchase and development of all the plots.

Is there Financing?

Absolutely. Both Axis and HDFC Bank are already familiar with Orange Residency and on board to provide your funds quickly. You won’t need to prove the value of the investment, they know and agree. Other banks are also available.

Why this Plot?

You will not find plots that are already government approved in this affordable price range in any other community. And beyond that, we added a European inspired infrastructure of roads, water and utilities access and the gorgeous Pollachi location. If you wait, you will be locked out and have to buy a resold plot at a much higher price.

Make an Informed Investment Decision.

(972)-951-9163    77080-50428

Dear NRIs, Investors and New Home Builders,

You must have heard nightmare stories from family or friends on buying property in India. They put their family money into the perfect investment of land, only to discover it's buried in legal issues or belongs to someone else. This is a real worry NRIs have about buying plots in India. It keeps many families away from investing in Plots and strengthening the family’s position.

Did you know? Many builders only have a ‘Panchayati’ approval. They try to present their land as “legal” but it’s not! That is only the approval of a local political council about the house, NOT the land. That is why banks won’t lend on it and the state advises against buying it. Only a DTCP or DTP approval is safe for investors. Orange Residency has both DTCP and HACA because we know how important peace of mind is.

Can you picture yourself, proud owner of land that you don’t have to worry about? Can you see your investment growing safely right now while you keep all your options open- sell, hold or build. Land is the insurance you need in today’s world. The value will increase and if you need cash for an emergency, a plot in a desirable area is easy to sell.

We could picture it and we did build it. It is Orange Residency.

If you want to invest in land plots in India that you can easy handle from far away. You are at the right place! We are waiting for you…

Arun Kumar,
Orange Residency Management.

  • What if you could get security of the investment in land without the legal issues and local hassles?

  • What if someone knew your worries and answered them all for you?

  • What if someone took care of your investment like you were family?

What Makes Orange Residency Management So Different?

“All of our Founding Members are part of a global Software and Business Process company. Several of us are living in USA. Our vision is to create an investment opportunity for hard working people to maximize their return on their investment.”

“We don’t see this as a real estate project; we see this as an opportunity to deliver an amazing investment to regular families all around the world. We will do this by capitalizing on the great real estate growth in Tamil Nadu market.”

“We have lived in developed countries and we enjoy their good infrastructure and insisted that it be part of the community we build in our home town. We didn’t cut corners. We are safe to invest with because we are like you and built this for you.”

Make sure before you even consider buying land that the developer has our 4C’s:

Compliance, Completion, Consistency and Cost Control.

Experience Orange Residency: Our Photos

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Why Pollachi is Desired

  • Under Consideration as Site for Rs 200 Crore Industrial Park
  • Largest Coconut Farming Hub in India & Growing
  • 7 Schools Around- 4 within 1 Km


  • Steady all year around
  • Similar to Hawaii
  • Advantages of both North East & South West monsoon seasons

Why Angalakurichi

After Pollachi Town, Kottur-Malayandipattinam is an important commercial centre for many of the neighbouring villages and Hill people.

Source : Click here


  • 2 Hospitals within 15 minute drive
  • Close to Western Ghats, Monkey Falls & Valparai
  • Strong Tamilnadu Real Estate market

To invest to retire or to grow your family - Pollachi will make you want to stay.

European Infrastructure Gives Value…

Electricity in Place

All plots are on our electric grid and your home can be connected rapidly. For safety, value and beauty we also built street lights.

40ft Wide Road

40ft Wide Road- Real and Developed Infrastructure. End to end road construction with landscaping and trees.


Wet land prevents building, increases costs, ruins foundations and poses a health risk. We solve all that for you with built in drainage.

Easy Water

Easy Water- Each and every plot has piping connections ready for your construction. Good for owners, great for resale.

Location Map

Need more information?

Rush your enquiries to (972)-951-9163, +91-77080-50428, +91-77080-50427

Plots will fill up fast as smart investors will act quickly for maximum profits. Review our 'Get to Know Us Kit' now so you can decide today about Orange Residency.

Don’t Keep Us a Secret- Let your Friends and Family Know About this Great Deal.

Imagine how they will thank you as their investment climbs in value!

Orange Residency. An Investment So Good, You’ll Want to Live There.



Life rewards the decisive. Plots will fill up quickly, with the most valuable spots taken soonest.
Reserve your site with Orange Residency today and enjoy a new way to live.


  •   Orange Residency Located in Kottur,
    Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore District.
  •   USA: (972)-951-9163
  •   India: +91-77080-50428